Friday, October 12, 2012

" Wonderful Woman Writer Wows Whitworth..."

One of my favourite short story collections has always been Penelope Lively's " Pack of Cards"....

AND once I read somewhere that Lively describes a short story as " a concentrated beam of light"....that the novel is " a more expansive and dispersed reflection"...
Brilliant distinction.

On Wednesday, Penelope Lively was guesting at M/Chester Lit Fest (  talking with us, her rapt audience....mainly women ( but lots of decades covered!) the Whitworth Art Gallery.

And on Wednesday, I learned that 3 important books in the life of Lively are : "The Inheritors" by William Golding...."The Good Soldier" by Ford Maddox Ford... and "What Maisie knew" by Henry James.
AND I must admit I've only read one of 'em!

Great to meet her... hear her wonderful views on both reading and writing.
** And in the snap, her most recent and elegantly written novel " How It All Began"...


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