Wednesday, October 03, 2012

" Writer, Reading From The Hearth: A Visitor From Afar..."

Here in *Bishop Lloyds Palace*, Watergate St, is playwright Esther Wilson. She's not exactly from Afar....Liverpool is a mere 18 miles distant from Chester.
Yesterday, Esther visited LitFest Friends to talk with us about her writing life.
Esther is an **award winning writer** who was mentored by Jimmy McGovern. This led to her writing gripping episodes for his superb successes: " The Street", " Accused" and " Moving on".

Esther has also written plays for Radio 4, including 15 miniute dramas on R4 in the shape of " The Pursuits Of Doreen Fyles" ..( great  title!) ..which tells of a girl with learning difficulties who is obsessed by the emergency services!
And recently, we watched BBC Period Drama ( the '50's) .." Call The Midwife"...featuring Vanessa Redgave, Jenny Agutter.. and Miranda Hart in her 1st " serious"(?!) role. Esther scripted the heart pounder episode" The Baby Snatcher" .
Good to meet Esther ( and ask her lots of questions!) and we hope she'll keep in touch.

* B.L. Palace: Bet you noticed the fabulous fireplace! BLP was built for a Bishop of Chester from 1604-1615. The fireplace, it's rumopured, was moved from another building during the Civil War.See:
** Esther's awards include: a BBC Northern Exposure Award for a very short film, an Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award for her play " Unprotected" and a Mental Health in Media Award for Best Drama.


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