Friday, October 12, 2012

"The Last Of The Haussmanns..."

Yesterday, in a local cinema, we enjoyed a National Live Theatre broadcast.
This was Stephen Beresford's first play " The last of the Haussmanns", where the protagonist is hippy/60's drop-out Judy Haussmann, a feisty elderly rebel from high society background...superbly played by Julie Walters ....back in theatre after a 12 year abscence.
The story tells of a loopily... ( BUT I suppose this depends where you're coming from!!)....  beguiling family, who live ( on/off) in a scruffy beautiful Art Deco seaside house. They come together at the end of an era...or probably more correctly, at the end of their several eras...........
AND the play brims overflow with what seems like everything any family could experience ( be it more crazily than your average!).......there's love, hatred, sex, booze, drugs, death, affairs, misunderstandings, reconciliations....
It has got THE LOT! .
Helen McCrory is compelling as daughter Libby, Rory Kinnear perfect as son Nick ...and there's great performances from Matthew Marsh, Taron Egerton and Isabella Laughland.
AND certainly looking forward to more of Stephen Beresford....


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