Friday, October 26, 2012

" The First Time Ever I Saw Doc Faustus...."

Summer 1968.

One weekend, I went with my parents to the gentle spa town of Malvern in Worcestershire. We stayed in a rambling old house on a hill in the roomy top floor apartment of a distant relation ( his CV: son of an aunt-in-law's sister/ Maths master at Malvern college/dignified academic/voice deeply rich  as cocoa)
His home was full of books, papers, photographs, dark furniture, velvet sofas...he was away but we were there, principally for a swift break and for a visit to see Eric Porter ( of " The Forsyth Saga")  star in the RSC's stunning production of " Dr Faustus". ( see 1968 programme here)

I hadn't seen a production since until Wednesday afternoon this week. BUT I've sometimes remembered that 1968 treat. I've remembered driving home from Stratford in summer dark, my folks chattily murmuring in the front of the car ( Sunbeam Raper, was it??)..... me, shivering still at the magical language of the play while trees flashed by as we travelled, me curled on the backseat, still  marvelling at the monstrosity of The Seven Deadly Sins.....
ANYHOW, on Wednesday, a friend and I treated ourselves to a film showing of The Globe Theatre's production of "Dr Faustus". This one starred Paul Hilton as Dr and Matthew Dunster was Creatives Director. 
IT was a DELIGHT. It was a delight, particularly visually and audibly ( great clashing music to scream by/shiver by....BUT yes, I know, "Delight" seems totally the wrong word!!) ........BECAUSE this production was grotesque, blatant with evil.....darkly sinister, gut wrenching. The set ( in the superb Globe) was fabulous....costumes varied and scaring......ugly, horrific, gorgeous, comic. In fact, there was lots of roaring comedy in this production...almost pantomime, linking in crazily with the terror and magic. I was totally gripped..... to the very last view of this vivid and memorable treat. ......Sheer Delight!

****ALSO this week went to M/Chester Opera House for a production of Agatha Christie's " Mouse Trap" It's touring to celebrate its 60th Birthday. We guessed The Killer pretty fast.....BUT as commanded by one of the ators as the curtain fell, we won't divulge the truth to anyone who has yet to see it....! .Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering if Reg is still alive, do you know? He would be a good age if he was. Remember meeting him several times with Florrie.

3:45 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Yes. Getting on though!
AL ( little bro!) had lunch with him not that long ago and enjoyed his company very much.
I still hear from him each Christmas.
Good to hear from you. I'm afraid I've given up visiting other blogs as it seems to eat up time it's good to have comments from you.
Trust all well with family also Philippa's.

8:17 pm  

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