Wednesday, October 17, 2012

" On Stage At The Grosvenor Museum..."

 Aled Lewis Evans is a Welsh poet who lives locally. He's currently working with Sue Hughes, Director of Chester's Grosvenor Museum, on their forthcoming exhibition on Medieval Chester ( see my post last week)

SO on Monday, on the stage of the Museum's lecture theatre.... and beneath a mass of glorious paintings, Aled led a workshop for my writing class on the topic of " Borders". Chester is on the border of England and Wales and much of her development (past and present)  reflects this. Clearly this ties up with our thoughts on writing about a medieval city.....

SO we brainstormed a host of ideas...countless examples of "borders" emerged....geographical, historical, religious....abstract tangible, imaginary, social ones...also those borders of the mind, of relationships, of understanding....the topic is immense and the ideas of the group ranged wide.

SO hopefully there'll be plenty of writing emerging for the exhibition next May...
** Snap shows us at table with Aled ( leading our workshop at table's head) .
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