Monday, May 25, 2015

"REBECCA At The Lowry"

Having scoffed Du Maurier's " REBECCA" lots of times since I scoffed  it ( aged 15) over 2 rainy August afternoons on a Parker Knoll in my parent's dining room******......  I HAD to visit M/Chester Lowry..... with Friends Of Chester Lit Fest...for KNEEHIGH theatre company's new production.

AND I was not fact, this was one of the most INNOVATIVE/enjoyable plays seen for a while...
BUT of course such an iconic story when developed into a play would NOT please everyone...and I think that WAS the case...but  I found it MEMORABLE...with fantastic cast, PLUS brilliant arty stage design, lighting that thrilled ( and chilled!) with lots of dance and  music, ....1920's dance routines, Cornish shanties.......

"REBECCA" by KneeHigh will long be remembered by me and my companions.

***** I can STILL see the roses outside, through that dining room ones, white ones ...dripping in the Mrs Danvers, evil in black, descended the stairs at Manderley............


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