Monday, May 25, 2015

" Mr Sloan At Chester Theatre Club"

TOP: John Henry, Ray Bengree, John McGinn 
BELOW: Jo Perry with Sponsor (Insurance Brokers:"Risk Services North West" 

Another successful production last week at Chester Theatre Club:
Joe Orton's classic dark (very dark) comedy" Entertaining Mr Sloan" directed ( brilliantly) by Delys Rostron with the 4 charactres played by John Henry ( Mr Sloan), Ray Bengree ( Ed), Jo Perry ( Kath) and John McGinn ( Dadda)
All gave strong and convincing performances in a gripping play, which caused a sensation when premiered  in 1964...and still has plenty of food for thought.... 
John Henry ( MR SLOAN) with DIRECTOR, Delys Rostron: 2 highly talented people!


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