Sunday, March 29, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we were transported to the island of Ithaca, by the fantastic cast of Jigsaw Music Theatre's latest production: "THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF ODYSSEUS".

And we congratulate all: the Playwrights, Musicians, Directors, Managers, Everyone involved gave us a TREAT...... and we look forward to more!

We were battered by winds, saw Lotus Eaters, a scary Cyclops ( didn't realise HOW  loud grandson G could be!!)..... an Enchantress called Circe and we shivered to the the dangers of Scylla and Charybdis...

Must also mention The Sirens: 3 boys in wigs and dresses and plentiful makeup ( G, plus talented friends A and S) swaying and dancing and singing along with Celine Dion...!  They "hammed " it up and it was hilarious...

THE RECIPE: the children start with title and intro and over the weeks, they develop the's about creativity, writing, scene making and of course, acting.It develops confidence and very probably, a long-term delight in theatre.... SEE

ALSO recently: my granddaughters are members of Miss Emily's Dancing School ( and we watched 2 performances: the 1st included both children and adults, displaying some remarkable talent...the 2nd featured H aged 3 plus one other little girl..... taking part in their weekly class...finishing with "LET IT GO" from " Frozen"! The teachers dedication and the children's pleasure was there for us all to see!

The children are very lucky to have these talented artistic musical grownups people, both at Jigsaw and at Miss Emily's.,


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