Thursday, March 19, 2015

" Sonnets And Sarnies!"

LOTS AND LOTS TO CATCH UP shall attempt to do so over the next day or two...PROMISES! PROMISES!

On Valentines Day ( OK, I'm weeks behind!) Friends Of Chester LitFest visited Theatr Clwyd, where we had a guided tour around the theatre....... intriguing peeps at props, costumes, scenery, the lot. 
We then enjoyed a Picnic Masterclass on Shakespeare from Terry Hands, plus a wonderful selection of Shakespearean sonnets.... read by actors who were part of the production of " Hamlet" .
I must add that the sarnie selection went down well too! 
The snap shows various props placed ready for use on stage that very evening....
Tomorrow, another Picnic Play: " The Collection" (Harold Pinter) and on April 24th, the actors will read part of " Thinking Aloud" ( Emlyn Williams) and also " Gardening For The Unfulfilled And Alienated"!!! ( Brad Birch) 
The sarnies will be good again too....

Ophelia's lovely posy waits to go on stage..


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