Sunday, December 14, 2014

" Little Theatre's Christmas Party..."

Chester Theatre Club Christmas Party...Fun And Games as usual...!
Andy ( Games Organizer Supremo) with Charley 
                                                          Jane With Christmas Tree                  
                                                     Delys, caught on camera!          
Hilary and Malcolm, in fine fettle

John, last seen in Breaking The Code...
Ann, Antlers and Santa hat
                                                    Ray and Laura, what moves !

                                          Fiona, explaining something intricate to John and Marian...

Fiona and Antony

Hide And Seek....UNDER The Bar!
HIDE AND SEEK: A Quizzical look from John McKay ( IN the Bar) 
Rhapsody In Blue: Laura, not hiding, so she must be Seeking...! 
Baby, It's Alright ( probably!) Now!" 
Andy The Organizer's Table...but I think he must be away organising...
" Just A Minute"...(Owen, Jane, Ray, Delys) with Andy Asking the Questions....
Here's Fiona Answering the Questions.
An Excellent Party after a Season of Excellent Plays! 


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