Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Callow Comes To Clwyd......."

I've always admired anything by Simon Callow, SO I had to see him on his visit to Theatr Clwyd, when he starred in Matthew Hurt's production of " The Man Jesus".  AND I was not disappointed.

It's an amazing play. It looks back 2000 years at the major moments in the life of Jesus, told through the eyes, voices and thoughts of those who knew him. AND Callow evokes them beautifully.

We see tyrants and traitors and madmen.......we see the raising of Lazarus, the wedding at Cana and the journey to Jerusalem.......all through the wonderful dramatic and moving voice of Callow.

There's tenderness, wit, drama, all here in this provocative play....which leaves you with lots of questions and even some answers....


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