Sunday, September 07, 2014

Coming Down To Earth ( AT LEAST My Mended Left Foot has!)

AT LAST! The Zimmers have gone! The Crutches too! ALL were hurled back to The Countess last week.The Countess, btw, is the local hospital...not some cranky old aristocrat who lends out walking aids......
All I'm left with now is a walking stick and I'm determined this disappears ASAP. The Consultant has signed me off but I'm still having physio: walking imaginary tight ropes, banging about on a tread mill etc. All to strengthen my poor little ankle!

It's been a weird 9/10 weeks. Not fun hopping about on one leg and all the disadvantages that entails...but in many ways, I'm appreciating my usual good fortune: my family, friends, life in a nutshell. Some lovely weather, great reading, chats enjoyed with welcome friends, a fair bit of TV in the evenings.... after an enlivening glass in the garden, still warm and gorgeous, sun- soaked with gold at closing of day...  ...and more writing has "happened"....more than I've done for ages. SO definitely POSITIVES. And my "Carer" (R) couldn't have been bettered...

PS: I expected to weigh m'self after 8 weeks and break the scales...but have stayed EXACTLY the same...THIS is down to my amazing Carer ( lots of salads/good eating) plus the fact I couldn't smuggle in my usual choc bars...Hmm.

ANYHOW here's a few snaps. Some were taken before the fateful July 3rd.
They include: Days out ( but not a lot as you can imagine) a Jolly to Greece in May (Skopelos, which was wonderful) family Birthdays, whatever......


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