Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"Maxine Peake's "HAMLET" At Manchester Royal Exchange...".

Last week to Manchester Royal Exchange, with Friends Of Chester Literature Festival, to see the wonderful Maxine Peake in "Hamlet", directed by Sarah Frankcom.A memorable production indeed, with a superb cast. Particularly: Peake ( obviously) plus Gillian Bevan as Polonia ( female Polonius) John Shrapnel as both King Claudius and Ghost.Also enjoyed seeing Barbara Marten in the flesh as Gertrude, who never seems to be off my TV! Visiting The Exchange too is a lovely treat in itself.

Snap: Maxine Peake ( although in actual production her head was shaved, showing her amazing cheekbones!  ALSO: enjoying  lunch in Exchange Restaurant: me, Liz and Margaret.


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