Thursday, May 14, 2009

"A Local Literary Hero!"

LitFest Friends and the Uni had a very welcome guest last week. Writer Tim Firth ( came to chat to us about his work and writing.
At present, his play "Sign of the Times" (starring Stephen Tomkinson) tours the UK and his stage play of his brilliant film" Calendar Girls" ( one of the most succesful UK films EVER) is in the West End ( including Sian Phillips, Patricia Hodge, Lynda Bellingham)
He's a great guy, focused, talented, yet his feet are very firmly on the ground.
And he seems to like the ground of NW England too....he was born in my city and despite his success, he's stayed faithful to his locally still with his own family. In fact, he says, he writes in a room with 3 goldfish and little light in it, overlooking the countryside where he grew up..
We had a great evening and hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Greetings Jan,

"Flint Street Nativity" was excellent (two years running - but not appreciated by our ex-Southern advertising friends), "Safari Party" interesting, especially for us as it drew on the Alvanley & Manley Spring Fair but "Sign of the Times" was disappointing. The idea was clever-ish but the plot and humour weak and overall it seemed quite a dated production I don't think an unknown playwrite would have got a look in.

(Sorry Tim but my wife still thinks you're brilliant and I'll do further reviews for free tickets)


PS Nice to see you've been schooled by the new laureate, although not my choice. Perhaps we need "The Dead Poet Laureate's Society", a contradiction in terms.
I now nominate Ronald Stuart Thomas; a brilliant mind.

11:16 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Hello Jonathan!
No news for ages.
I take it you ARE Jonathan who was once in my class...?
We're all on holiday now til late Sept but great if you returned.
We had 20 in the last group, some you'd remember.
We meet occassionally in the summer at The Oak (Kelsall) and you'd be very welcome.. There's a room available and we have a great morning..
Email me for details if you like.
Some keen poets nowadays too.
And yes, we loved Flint St Nativity. Great fun but also lots of food for thought.
It was good to see Tim Firth the other week. We'd never expected such a turnout and everyone enjoyed meeting him.
I take it he must be a neighbour of yours??And wonder who WOULD have been your P. Laureate choice as you can't dig up the Dead Ones...even though lots of their poetry lives on...

10:42 am  

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