Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"LitFest Limbers Up.."

Shell Chester Literature Festival** is in full swing and she ( OR could "she" be "he"?) shimmies on til the end of October.

First off ( on gorgeous sunny Saturday) was BookSwap held on stalls at Town Hall Square. This raised a generous sum for Book Aid International and also provided lots of interest for its band of helpers. If you like people-watching, THIS is the place to be; it proved to me just how varied " Book Lovers" are and it was good to chat with lots of them on such a bright Autumn day.

Last Thursday, Chester Poets held their annual bash in an upper room at the Bear and Billet. This pub is old and probably haunted; the Poets "inhabited" a low -ceilinged oak -beamed upper room, where fairy lights flickered on dark leaded lights as they launched their latest anthology and performed their work. It was particularly cool to see a gang of students from the Uni sampling both poetry and beer.. and what a lovely crowd they were.

On Sunday, writer Kate Long ( a good friend now to Chester Lit Fest) chaired a "Big Read and Film" at Upton Village Hall. The Hall was opened in 1928 ( by Lady Grosvenor ) so it was fitting that Kate chose "Cold Comfort Farm"( Stella Gibbons/1932) when we planned the night. Kate's love/knowledge of the book was clear and after her juicy intro, she led a wide ranging discussion which included lots of intriguing comments...and a jolly double act! ( You Know Who You Are!)
AND the 1995 film of the bk ( Kate Beckinsale, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Eileen Atkins) remains as fun as ever..


Blogger Bee said...

Bookswap sounds just like my idea of bliss! Chester sounds like a wonderful place to live . . .

You've made me want to revisit "Cold Comfort Farm," too.

2:42 pm  
Blogger dinzie said...

Sounds like fun :O) The bear and billet !!! Been there on a little more than the odd occasion :O) Hic :O)


7:22 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

There are more and more Lit Fests burgeoning and I bet there's one near you which would love a Bk Swap..!

What's YOUR equivalent to Bear + Billet in Wellington NZ??

11:36 am  
Anonymous Kate Long said...

Thanks for inviting me, Jan. The discussion was great; I wish it could have gone on longer. Some fascinating takes on 'Cold Comfort Farm'!

9:29 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Good to read your comment Kate and hope you'll take part in Chester LiT Fest again.

2:35 pm  

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