Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"All You Need Is:..£17,000 per day!!"

It's become a bit of a family anthem...
My father, closing his Father Of The Bride toast at our wedding ( YRS ago!) suddenly burst into it...and everyone else followed.
Donkey's yrs later, my husband, closing his Father of the Groom toast ( months ago!) at second son's wedding, suddenly burst into it...and everyone else followed.

A fortnight ago, the D.J, closing the lively disco celebrating the joint Special Birthday of my brother and sisterinlaw, played it as their friends/family stood in a happy midnight circle..
"All you need is love": that's the song and that's what Paul McCartney thought, all those yrs ago. Then he married Heather. Each day of that marriage (according to her Divorce Settlement yesterday) earned her £17,000.
She should've been eavesdropping at our family celebrations over the years....and no doubt at quite a few others throughout the land...


Blogger Philippa said...

A very -Merseybeat' blog, this one! All you need is true! How can anyone say that they can't live on £25 million!
I presume that you were referring to Andrew's 60th?
Happy Easter to you all X

11:59 am  
Blogger elizabethm said...

What a rate of return. Still I wouldnt swap my life for hers for all the McCartney millions.

10:09 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Paul was never my favourite Beatle (that was George) but it's nigh on impossible to have any sympathy for her isn't it?

Great writing here as ever, Jan.

( But AYNIL wasn't on Rubber Soul...!)

5:49 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

I can't help thinking of their poor child.......

6:19 am  
Blogger Jon M said...

I choked on me cuppa when it was announced that she wasn't happy with 35,000 a year for the upkeep of the child! Most people run whole families on that much!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

And same to you.
Keep warm!

So say many, I imagine.

Mine, too.
And I'll go and check my Beatles at once!!

Not exactly "poor" in one sense, is she..

And a lot of folk on a lot less..

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

7:13 am  

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