Friday, January 12, 2007

"Dietrich Gets Lucky."

Two very different deceased people ( world famous for very different reasons) were in the News this week.
But they were news worthy for vaguely similar reasons.
One person had mislaid her property which miraculously (after many decades) came suddenly to light.
The other person had property kept hidden for decades after his death; it was deemed recently that the time had come to share it. This was something of a far greater historical importance.
First, in a lighter vein. In 1934 Marlene Dietrich ( platinum actress) came to Blackpool from Hollywood. In 1930, she'd warbled " Falling In Love Again" in the celebrated film "Blue Angel", thus captivating every man in Blackpool ( and according to my father and uncles, every man in Britain too.)

In 1934, Blackpool was at the height of its fame as a Pleasure Resort. And Blackpool was enchanted by husky-voiced Dietrich. In her early 30's, her films, her beauty and her wonderful lifestyle, were legendary. Her list of lovers eventually became legendary too; it included Yul Brynner, Frank Sinatra and possibly even JFK.
But Dietrich ( down to earth, despite all this) liked Blackpool. She loved its vigour, the sense of fun it generated. She also loved rollercoaster rides and Blackpool's rollercoaster rides in 1931 were just TOO tempting; Dietrich had to indulge. Amid shrieks and laughter she zoomed up, she zoomed down. At the end of the ride beside the sparkling lake, she was smiling, breathless, but also earringless. One earringless, anyway. She returned to Hollywood with a lone gold and diamond earring. Despite searches, the other had gone for ever.
HOWEVER recently the lake was drained and seventy three years later, Dietrich's precious earring turned up. Unfortunately she had died in Paris fourteen years previously, aged ninety two . However the folk at Blackpool hope to keep the earring on display for their public's enjoyment.
It will be a glittering memory of a glittering lady.
More of the second person later. ( see posting above) In contrast, he was a figure of immense historical significance. As if you (who read the News) haven't guessed.......


Blogger Philippa said...

There's hope for me yet...........I lost one of my earrings as I skimmed across the water at Thorpe Park in 1991. It went to the bottom of the lake together with a head scarf, as it was the summer of my chemotherapy. I emerged from the 'ride' with just one earrring and a bald head!!!!!

4:17 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

I think there was a famous photo of Princess Diana with the 2 Princes splashing about on a ride at Thorpe Pk(probably around that time! )...were you with them?!
Good to hear from you again. I replied recently to your comments re Suffragettes on my Lilly's Blog piece. ( Dec 1st) Your words were fascinating.

5:35 pm  

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