Sunday, December 31, 2006

"All That Will Be"

Today is New Years Eve.
I'm enclosing a poem I wrote a few years ago. I wrote it during those days between Christmas and New Year, when the world was suddenly a tranquil place after a hectic Christmas and before the New Year frivolities.
Above is a stylish example of David Winston's superb work; it's called, fittingly enough, " Tranquility". It epitomises to me the silences of winter, its blissful stillness, and the spaces between all those celebrations.
And here's my poem. I write little poetry and I know this needs sculpting but hopefully it sums up this "moment in time" just a little. It's called
"New Years Eve At The End Of The World"
"At the cold and hollow empty end of the year
when winter falls steeply off the ends of the Earth,
days are short
and there's a goblin silence in black-silver evening.
Grey-gloom sky glowers between black-bone fingers
of skeleton trees,
her dapples of violet drifting, splashes of crimson,
dancing with clouds..
And in the icicle stillness,
I bend so low, to the depths of the world
and gather, safe for a second,
All that will be:
I hold it and touch it,
turn it for one enchanted moment,
until it's quivering,
like snowflakes, in my fingers,
and I watch:
All that will be."


Blogger Susan said...

Love poem, Jan! Happy New Year!

7:06 am  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

What a beautiful poem - so silent somehow and sweet, yet raw. It captures something special. Happy New Year to you!

2:15 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Thanks Susan and Chief Biscuit. Good hearing from you!

9:06 am  

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