Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Once again, the talented Youth Theatre at Chester Theatre Club performed another original play....researched and written by Jenny and Paul...telling the most moving of true stories.

The play tells of Private Harry Farr, who was "shot at dawn" for cowardice in 1916.

WHILE researching, Jenny and Payl visited the War Museum to hear recordings made by members of Private Farr's family....they learned about the fight to pardon 306 soldiers who were court-martialled and shot...and they actually met Janet, Harry's grand-daughter.

The result was a triumhp buy the Youth Theatre....everyone seeing it felt both moved and exhilarated....devastated at what happened...yet so thankful the Pardons came...

Superb evocative acting. Great Direction. A wonderful evening telling a story we all should know...


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