Saturday, July 08, 2017


Here's Chester's popular Town Crier, David Mitchell, standing before one of our city's  landmarks.....the Eastgate Clock.  

AND a couple of weeks ago, we had a lively evening in StoryHouse.....David performed his One Man Show. It was full of hilarious anecdotes...often involving foreign tourists....who had stopped at the Cross to hear his " Crying"....and also brimming with amazing bits of history about Chester.......facts which were clearly new to lots of us...
In the audience was our newly re-elected MP, Chris Matheson, along with his daughter...clearly enjoying the Show...WHEN suddenly my son, another strapping fellow.....grabbed our amiable MP, marching up to the stage with him....where they promptly locked Mr Matheson in the Town Crier's scary set of Stocks! 
The Interval was duly announced.. or rather "CRIED" David, of course, and Mr M was, for a few short mins, left in the Stocks...HOWEVER, his captors relented...and he WAS let time for a very welcome, well deserved drink! 
WHAT a guy! Chester is very lucky to have him! 
AND we're also lucky to have such an amiable raconteur as our Town Crier! 


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