Wednesday, August 02, 2017

" Falling Down A Rabbit Hole...."

A couple of weeks ago we went to STORYHOUSE's " Alice In Wonderland"....adapted from Lewis Carroll's Classic, by Glyn Maxwell.....and set in Grosvenor Park... 
AND here (ABOVE)  is the audience waiting to go down the Rabbit Hole....

And the story starts...there are huge brilliantly colourful blocks of letters....... for the cast to play on, move around on....these represents the wonderful "play on words" much loved by Carroll....this idea brings wordplay to life for us....a brainwave , whoever had THAT idea! 

THIS "Alice" is a vivid new take on Carroll's book.......At  Chester, we had TWO Alice's....another  superb that Alice, who is on the cusp of growing up, can be a child version of herself, AND a grown-up one! 

AND, says Director Derek Bond:" THIS version of the story is a  Nightmare version of school!" There are bullies, plus a Caterpillar for a Science teacher...and OF COURSE, there's a Duchess because all productions of " Alice" MUST have Duchess ...however, this one turns out to be the P.E. teacher! 

AS EVER, we had a great time in the Park....watching in sunshine, sipping wine, nibbling tasty morsels, chattering to each other..... and familiar passers-by....and once again, we were VERY AWARE how amazingly lucky we Cestrians are to have all this....! 


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