Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Tracy B Terrifies Tom L at Traddock Hotel"

Here's a photograph taken at R+K's wedding a fortnight ago ( see blog post September 12th)

And YES, you're right, it IS Tracy Barlow, ex Coronation Street murderess, who must've been " let out" for the night.
Scary Tracy's here with my lovely nephew, Tom. But really,Tom wasn't scared of her at all; he hugely enjoyed meeting her, and he now has the above picture as his glamorous computer screensaver... *** ( see end of post for more on "Tracy")

R+K's wedding reception took place in the Yorkshire Dales at the Traddock Hotel, Austwick, after a marriage service cheerfully conducted by Rev Ian Greenhalgh at the Church of the Holy Epiphany.
The church was merely a few minutes walk from the Traddock. And YES, we SO enjoyed this walk through the village: the bridal pair, happy and gorgeous, the guests in their finery, glowing and laughing, the brilliant sunshine, cameras snapping, the air full of greetings and chatter and rose pink confetti...
And then to the Traddock, where we sipped Pimms and champers on lush green lawns, as we mingled and talked and listened to the mellow tones of Phil Gregory's jazz combo..
ALL this before a delicious wedding breakfast, including five stunning "speeches" ( bride's vivacious sister, vivacious groom himself, groom's vivacious brother, groom's vivacious friend, groom's vivacious father...)
And in the evening, Phil's jazz combo showed their versatility with rock, pop, House, Indie and more......and the incredible Austwick served up a supper which was a perfect end to a ( sounds naff but it's true!) a Perfect Day.
R+K, now in Malaysia, planned the wedding superbly; we all enjoyed every minute and know that they'll be very very happy. And if you're reading this, R+K, in some internet shack on the Perenthian Islands, lots of love to you both....

Please see because it's well worth treating yourself!

HOWEVER, back to" Corrie" :
SOME folk I know never "admit" to watching " Coronation Street". Hmm. At its mention, eyes glaze over, frowns appear, folk look bewildered. But if this IS true ( ie that they've never in all their born days watched TV's longest running soap ) then they are quite simply Missing A Treat.
Corrie's writing is consistently good; it encompasses tragedy and comedy in equal measure. Over the years, it's documented a valuable social history of northern England, describing changes and situations, dilemnas, successes; all this through its characters, its storylines, its dialogue and settings. Its characters often beguile us and its plotlines sometimes become national talking points. Youthful actors started their careers in its cobbled streets and established, successful ones have been delighted to return for a while, appearing in a " cameo" role, becoming part of something extra special.
And ALSO, something really rather precious.

**** Tracy B. was played by lovely Kate Ford, who was a delight to meet at the wedding
She was an evening guest, along with her fiancee, equally delightful Jon Connerty, old schoolfriend of my son, the groom. Jon is now a TV director in London; he and Kate marry this Autumn. Lots of happiness, Jon and Kate, if you're about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and what about the vivacious groom's lovely speech!!!


12:54 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

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1:03 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

I can see why you're such a successful young solicitor!!
R's speech was brilliant.
Vivacious In Extremis!!

1:11 pm  
Blogger Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I will confess to never having watched an entire episode of "corrie" - in fact, if I've watched five minutes, it's been a lot. But as an "outsider" I will say it does strike me that it captures a very particular part of English life! ;-)

3:23 pm  
Blogger Jon M said...

Used to watch Corrie years ago but then when sproggs were young and bedtime got in the way we sort of lost the habit. I remember when 'Tracey-loves' worst crime was calling Dierdre (can't spell that!) a 'piggin tart' or something along those lines!

9:29 pm  
Blogger Carole said...

Wedding sounds gorgeous as is your description - love the Yorkshire Dales.

I feel like a traitor for not watching Corrie although I do recognise the actress. Elsie Tanner used to have a house in Sale near where I lived and went to school.

10:25 pm  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Great to have you back! What a fantastic wedding it sounds! Congrats to you all. I love your outfit - can we have a closer look? ;)

6:37 am  
Blogger liz fenwick said...

Sounds like a brilliant wedding :-)

6:49 am  
Anonymous Clare said...

There's something of a shine about her, isn't there? She's very pretty of course, but it is more than that - a confidence or an awareness of the camera. Even if you've never heard of Tracy Barlow (which I haven't, I'm afraid) your eye gets instantly drawn...

4:45 pm  
Blogger I Beatrice said...

Lovely post, Jan, and it's good to see you back again.

I do agree about Corrie and the other Soaps - there are those who say it's a band-wagon Shakespeare might have jumped upon, if only it had been around in his day!

I haven't watched it so much of late though. Nor EastEnders - I feel their story-lines have dropped a bit, and then there are so many characters I don't know, and hardly seem to want to...

Good to know that Tracy B is alive and well and getting married - instead of languishing away there in prison!

9:30 am  
Anonymous marly said...

Hi Jan--

Sounds like all went off wonderfully, with many jolly and well-placed words.

2:39 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Hello Jan,
nice to have you back! The wedding sounds tremendous fun, so glad it went off so well.
I used to watch Corrie, and all of them, and it was perhaps the best. Now I just don't really do soaps, except The Archers, which is rather different I feel... it just seemed to me the TV ones had to keep upping the anti in terms of sensational stories and exaggerated characters, and I lost interest, and they are just on too much. But never mind, I enjoyed reading your analysis!

6:39 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Yes you're absolutely right.
And yes, there are many kinds of "English" lives; I hate generalising because I think we're all mixtures of SO many different things which then make up our Life: our birth backgrounds, our "original" families, then of course the ones we make ourselves, the lives we grow into and move along in, the choices we make...)

8:16 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Vanilla got a separate reply by accident as my thoughts were carrying me away!!

Jon M:
Wow! Cant remember that! Poor old Deirdre...I bet her specs got steamed up with tears!

Yes the wedding was heavenly. The bride/groom made a great day/eve for everyone.

Thanks CB.
If you click on the snap, it enlarges but please dont look too closely at my wrinkles...

Liz F:
And yes Liz, you've got it all to come with your lot one fine day!

Kate Ford is extremely photogenic, isnt she?
AS you know, I am most certainly NOT; my mouth is always crooked and I look even older than I am...BUT oh dear! Ive just remembered that the camera is never supposed to lie...Hmm.

Sometimes the soaps run parallel story lines which is actually interesting as they approach the same theme in markedly different ways...

Good to see you and thanks Marly.

Yes The Archers is excellent, touches on topical issues as well as intensely personal ones. I imagine that's one of the secrets of the best soaps.

8:28 am  

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