Thursday, February 08, 2007

" Slippery Issues"

It's an icy February night ( see wintery picture: "L'hiver" by Onshi Koshiro)
But today I heard heartwarming news AGAIN....See Tuesday's posting.
Good old Sir Digby Jones!

Earlier the ex Director General of C.B.I. well and truly endeared himself to me.
This was a fairly new experience.
And I'm sure many other parents teachers grandparents will be nodding in agreement with him...

In essence, Sir Digby thinks schools shouldn't cushion their pupils too much. Children need elements of risk in their lives.
Taking a chance is taking part in life, isn't it?
And realistically, life's one BIG FAT risk, isn't it?
Sometimes risks go very wrong, but sometimes risks go very right...
BUT I wonder what Sir Digby's thinking now?? ( 11pm, Feb 8th?)
He may well be seething..
Councillors in Birmingham decided this evening to close schools tomorrow. And Why?
Because the weather's freezing ( we know) and the temperatures dropping ( we know) and the pavements ( wait for it...) the pavements will be slippery in the morning. ...
SO no risks taken in Birmingham tomorrow morning!
Just a fat lot of cushioning going on.....


Blogger dinzie said...

I still have the scars on my knees from my primary school days (at later) sliding on fozen pavements or school yards ....And what fun we had with it too ... We'd even water down patches of ashphalt to ensure we had slides the next morning ...

9:35 pm  
Anonymous Clare said...

Yes - I agree - we are all too afraid of being injured - due, I expect, to fear of litigation. Did you see what the chairwoman of the parent-teacher association said? She was saying what you were saying about the shame of a little snow and ice stopping children go to school but then went and spoilt it all by shaking her head over children descending snowy slopes with nothing on their heads. I used to do that - and it is one of my most exhilarating memories. I was petrified with fear and cold but I shall never forget or regret it.

I much enjoyed your reminiscences of the WI party - really very vivid - I could feel I was there.

10:21 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Dinzie: Good idea, that asphalt! HA!

Clare: Yes this litigation stuff gone over the top...I fell over on a pavement a while ago; you wouldn't believe ( you probably would) JUST how many folk said:" Well, aren't you going to sue??"
Listening to radio yesterday, journalist guy Rod Liddle echoed your thoughts...people fear litigation these days.
I think it makes a mockery of common sense!

4:30 pm  

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