Tuesday, February 06, 2007

" Touching The Texture Of Tiny Minds"

Here, children, is Plato. Plato was a Thinker. Plato often thought. He was a Good Man, children. He lived in Ancient Greece.

I heard some excellent news yesterday.
Very shortly, tiny children in Clackmannshire, Scotland, will have Philosophy lessons. They'll ponder on morals and ethics, society and religion.
In colourful classrooms, they'll sit in circles on rugs and they'll touch the texture of their own minds.
They'll learn things that will hold them in good stead for The Rest Of Their Lives .

TIME will be made for this. Time will be made for knowing The Tiniest Of Selves.
It should always have been so ( and it HAS been in many schools, be it "unofficially", through excellence of teaching and talking, relationships made) but now it will be allocated and accepted, valued and treasured. Philosophy will become part of the curriculum.

These tiny children will learn the beginnings of reason. They'll weigh up the words of other children. They'll tolerate differences, make distinctions between ideas.
They'll have time with their minds and that's magic!

EARLIER this week, walking into my kitchen, I discovered Radio 4 chatting re teaching Philosophy to children. I caught the programme only partially but at one point, someone described a little boy asking:" But IF I'm a sprout, WHO in the world would be ME?" ......

AND LATER I found a poem by Irish poet, Brendan Kennelly ( Professor of Modern Literature at Trinity College, Dublin for 30 years )
The poem, in a child's questioning voice, is called:"Poem from a three year old" and it's marvellous. Read it at: www.poetryarchive.org/poetryarchive/singlepoet/poemld=204


Blogger adrian the percussionist said...

Think the link got a bit truncated:


10:53 pm  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

The link didn't work for me but that's okay cos your post was great reading anyway - and the one about he staff rooms I loved too - what a fantastic description of staff rooms! I can picture it so well having been a teacher and a supply teacher as well - it is all so true - it must be international! I love the way you have drawn equally the lovely and the ugly.

8:13 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Percussionist: OH DEAR! Shall have to Smarten Up My Act.
C Biscuit: Yes, I'm sure NZ exactly the same. Life often echoes bits of everything, doesn't it?
Snow here this morning. No doubt NZ still enjoying its summer?

8:33 am  
Blogger Carole said...

I agree with you that Philosophy should be included on all curriculums. i enjoy reading your journal.

9:52 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Carole: Good teachers will "teach" it without thinking, won't they, just as a matter of course?
I really feel that very little ones will get SO muvch out of it...Thankyou for visiting and I appreciate your commenting.

4:39 pm  

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