Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"Viscerally Authentic! Compelling! Moving!" (SUNDAY TIMES)

Waverton Good Read's** Prize Winner, 2017, ex Soldier in Afghanistan, Harry Parker, was both celebrated/congratulated at Eaton Golf Club recently, with a tasty Dinner amid much  fun/laughter.

Then we listened to Harry's OWN story....along with the creation of his novel's story.... and yes, we listened with bated breath..and were delighted by this man's strengths.

His " ANATOMY OF A SOLDIER" tells the story of Capt Barnes, leading his troops into war, when he is gravely injured by an exploding IED. Parker writes vividly of this devastating time...and also the months following.

AND the story is told in the words of 45 objects...an intriguing way of storytelling.. telling a tragic... though marvellous story...

WE were both moved AND thrilled by Harry Parker's novel.

** www.wavertongoodread.org.uk


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