Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"July Treats: Incl A Cutting Edge Production."

July has been pretty varied...and not just this weather...
Last week we splashed in sunshine but last night,there were flash floods in nearby L'pool.
And some of my family are at this very minute driving to Sefton Park, L' the much praised ( 5 times daily til Aug 1st) production of " In the Night Garden"... where a treat ( including the wonderful voice of Derek Jacobi!) awaits the lovely A aged 2 ...she who ADORES the Ninky Nonk, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pacca, the Tombliboo al. ...and who quite often, adores them all at 5 oclock in her extremely early mornings....

BUT back to MY treats: July has been yummy... including visits to St Mary's Centre (an old city church on a hill near the castle)... to hear Adam Walker and Tom Poster... playing Bach, Scubert and best of all, a superbly beautiful sonata for flute and piano by Poulenc. This was part of Chester Summer Music Festival .
Then on Sunday to St Mary's for The Sozinho Occasional Theatre Company's vivid and gripping production of Stephen Sondheim's " Sweeney Todd" directed by David Whitley. There was a fabulous cast, including Luke Howarth as Todd and Jonathan Cooke as Adolpho Pirelli, with Hiroshi Amako as the most wonderful of bowler-hatted Beadles....
We look forward to more such Sozinho productions.
More July treats reported ASAP!


Blogger Jan said...

Wondering if this is Jenny J, mother of B and G!! ???
The company are led by David Whitley ( ex KS, ex Upton Manor) and if you google him, you'll find he's very much an up/coming successfully published young writer.
The theatre co ( as the name implies) gets together occassionally and were at KS this last w/end doing a Sondheim production.
We were at Gawsorth HAll watching the Ukulele Orchestra og Gresat Britain!!!

8:27 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

PS to Jenny:
Have discivered you're not the above Jenny!
ANYHOW I'm sorry that I accidentally deleted your comment so aplopogies.
I hope I find out who Jenny is!!

2:56 pm  

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