Friday, December 22, 2017

"Theatre In The Quarter's QUARTZ...perform " "A TALE OF OUR TIME" At St Mary's....

THIS IS St Mary's  Creative Space, Chester. A gorgeous colourful version!  
Here's some of the amazing cast in QUARTZ's fantastic production at St Mary's....Grandson G at the front. 
G in full flow! 
The operetta was based on Chaucer's " Prioress's Tale" ....brought into 2017 through the moving story of a schoolboy ( G) who , on walking through the streets of the Infidel on his way to school, decides tto learn the beautiful Song To Mary, Mother Of God ..."Alma Redemptoris Mater"...ready to performfor his mother on Christmas Day. 
However the boy is murdered by the Infidel....but we still hear his singing....
GREAT watching these mainly teenagers...develop in confidence.....performing skills musical skills...each year...and tackling highly creative adventurous work they help devise as they rehearse...

THIS production was one of the best I've seen here. The cast worked so well together...producing a breath-taking and very beautiful operetta. 
Cast and parents are incredibly indebted to the work of the team behind this...headed by Matt Baker and Helen Newell, 


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