Friday, December 22, 2017

LOUD HAILERS...Better Late Than Never...!

Here are pictures from the performances of my play " Loud Hailers!"...directed at CTC by Jenny and Paul....and performed by a great mix of Adult/Youth Theatre ..all this was last month....BUT better posted now than never! 
Above is the lovely painting..... which was a key part of my in Suffragette colours...purple, green, white...painted by friend Sue. 
Loved it.
Delighted to welcome Chester MP Chris Matheson and his family to a performance. 
Here he back but smiling!....with cast and our painting AND angry Suffragette slogans. 
Scottish Suffragette Mary Philips ( played superbly by Alison ) is arguing with 2 arrogant policeman about her arrest....after attempting to flour bomb PM Asquith at Chester Town Hall...
Mary is supported by an elegant Emmeline Pankhurst...performed in dignified but determined fashion by Anne! 
I think they particularly enjoyed wearing their hats! 
THIS is the real Mary Phillips...being arrested. 
Strong Women! 
BTW I have just bought an amazing book for Grandaughter A:
 "GOODNIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS! by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. 
I wish someone had bought ME this when I was 9!!
In Rehearsal: Wide Age Range ...but great for ALL concerned!
Watching: Some of my Friend From The North (L)...and m'self. 


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