Thursday, September 27, 2012

" Glittering Medals...For Light, Sound And Wardrobe!" ( plus a small mention of a roguish but lovable Hound!"

ADDENDUM to last Saturday at Chester's Little Theatre:
Here are 3 bright stars who shone behind,  above and beside the stage.
There's Rob Bradshaw ( left) who was in charge of Sound....Marge Walker (centre) Assistant to Director AND also Wardrobe Mistress par excellence...and Chris Evans, Lighting man.
AS you see, they're much appreciated. The cast awarded them each a glossy gold Olympic  medal... plus a decent bottle of wine....Marge was also lucky enough to receive a tin of pilchards, which she holds up delightedly ...BUT that's another story.

MUST ALSO mention a trip yesterday to Theatr Clwyd to see a crazy and brilliantly funny new film " The Wedding Video".
Written by Tim Firth ( Chester Theatre Club's President) and directed by Nigel Cole, it's set in Chester and Cheshire ....featuring Harriet Walters/Miriam Margoyles......and it stars cuddly irrepresible Rufus Hound as the Best Man who decides to film the run-up to his brother's wedding. Robert Webb is the brother and Lucy Punch, the Bride.
AND in that last sentence is a very big clue to the climax of that hilarious film....
SO SEE IT IF you have ever been connected to a wedding in any shape or form.......

AND PS: The film even features the bridal shop where my daughterinlaw, K, bought her own wedding dress....and where I bought mine....donkey's years ago......eventually selling it to a 10 year old Rose Queen for £10......
AND a very IMPORTANT P.P.S:  Brilliant Michelle Gomez ( " Green Room"?) played The Wedding Planner... unforgettable!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

" Chester's Little Theatre: 50 years On....."

Posted by PicasaLast Saturday, almost 50 years after brave Chester Theatre Club stalwarts clubbed together to buy an old Victorian school in the heart of Chester, members celebrated a Gala Evening with a Reception and a glittering version of Alan Ayckbourn's classic " Bedroom Farce", ably directed by Delys Rostron and assisted by Marjorie Walker.
Here's Liz Stafford, Ray Bengree,Chris White, Danielle Carrington, Andy Hutchings, Gill Blatch and Zoe Lambrakis...bringing down the curtain. 

" Back To The Sixties...."

Posted by Picasa AND NOW: a snap taken almost 50 years ago.....
celebrating the OPENING of Chester's Little Theatre...

"Weaving Words In Frodsham..."

Frodsham isn't JUST noted as home of
writer Tim Firth....and once home of singer Gary Barlow.... and also as the wonderful start to Cheshire's Sandstone Trail.......
NO, Frodsham will soon be noted also for its excellent LitFest, the first of which ran for 12 days end of August and into September.
Tim Firth is its Patron and its programme was packed with events. And a  friend and I chose two, which we enjoyed hugely.

OUR FIRST was a workshop with Andy Jurgis.
He lectures for L'pool Uni Continuing Education and is a Learning Manager for W.E.A.
AND led by Andy's perceptive knowledge, we discussed how Jane Austen's  "Pride and Prejudice" was adapted into film/ TV. THIS provoked much well-informed debate.
We also viewed excerpts of the 1995 BBC series and the Keira Knightley film of 2005.
On a light note: several Ladies Of A Certain Age much prefered the TV series. And some younger saucy-grinning ones did too!
 One reason is probably obvious...

OUR SECOND event was at Old Hall Hotel on Frodsham's main street.
Sue Zlosnik talked about the life and work of Daphne Du Maurier. This was particularly relevant as Du Maurier's novel " The Scapegoat" was televised last week.
Sue is Professor of Gothic Literature at M/Chester Met and her book "Daphne Du Maurier: Writing, Identity and the Gothic Imagination" is recognised as key work on Du Maurier.
Sue's talk brimmed with fascinating detail about a writer many of us first met as teenagers ...I remember a wet summer spent reading " Rebecca" " My cousin Rachel" " Jamaica Inn" etc....and I still enjoy them today...

OTHER events included: Carol Ann Duffy, Jon Mayhew, GladysMary Coles, Jenn Ashworth....
WEAVER WORDS must be congratulated on this inaugural and imaginative Festival! Posted by Picasa

" Keeping It In The Family...."

Posted by PicasaTHIS is nothing to do with WRITING STUFF...which is what this Blog supposedly records...
THIS is the Prize Giving at our local Golf Club, where the Annual PBL Golf Tournament recently took place .
 It's been a regular event.... organized by my brother ( right) since 1989, when my father ( PBL) presented a silver sugar bowl, which was later turned into a trophy. AND this year, my husband ( left) was the worthy winner.
So here he is, receiving said trophy and modelling the jazzy Union Jacket. THIS, in some quarters, is more desirable than that jolly yellow jersey....

Great Granta Stories..."

 Late in the day, I've discovered Granta magazine's brilliant collections of short stories ...featuring writers from throughout the world, including talented and amazing new ones.
It's always great to have short stories on hand. And when they're as varied, as tempting  as these, you can't ask for anything better...
AND TODAY is Sunday. So a loll on the sofa with one of the above is my definition of delight...
AND if you've been blinkered like me, see ASAP!
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